Tesoro Found

Tesoro Found

Many of you might not know that after college I worked for a small vintage boutique in West Chester, PA. I spent three years going through vintage clothing to assist in buying, pricing those clothes, and selling them both in store and online. I was one of two employees (my old business partner Emily was actually my colleague!). Emily and I even had a blog called Vintage Vixens, where we got all dolled up in vintage and updated the vintage clothes. See a couple photos below! 


Since working at that vintage shop, my passion for vintage and thrifting has grown. And having the budget of a small business owner, often times thrifting is the best was to get the most for your money. So over the past 5 years it is safe to say I have spent a lot of time at Goodwill, Salvation Army and other local thrift stores. 


Since starting Tesoro 5 years ago I have always wanted to incorporate my love for vintage, and all the knowledge I gained from working at a vintage shop. Over the years I have also learned so much about leather and its qualities, both good and bad. 


Leather is extraordinarily hard to purchase if you don't have a great understanding of leather and quality. Often leather jackets dry out, or will become moldy if stored incorrectly. Not many people have the knowledge or ability to see these issues, but my time working with vintage clothing and with leather have given me an upper hand in being able to determine the quality of vintage leather goods.


With all of this being said, I will be introducing our first Vintage collection next week. Called "TesoroFOUND", this collection of vintage treasures will be reconditioned by me, and will include only the best items I have found over the past year. There will be slight signs of wear, which will be taken into consideration when pricing the products. 


Our first collection will have about 15 pieces in it. Ranging mostly in the Small to Medium sizes, with a few larger options as well. I am purchasing things I come across while thrifting, and will be looking for a fuller range of sizes in the collections to come.


It is super important, now more than ever, to seek sustainable and ethical choices when it comes to the items we invest in. I hope this helps to offer all you lovely ladies a great option to buy leather second hand, but in great condition. 


I will release this collection Thursday, with lots of photos and measurements, and I will spend my day Thursday on Instagram live showing you guys some outfits that would look great with the pieces that will be for sale! 

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