Tesoros Gift Guide for shopping small

Tesoros Gift Guide for shopping small

I know that so many of you who follow Tesoro care deeply about small businesses and your communities. The best way to keep your neighborhoods thriving and small businesses alive is to shop with them during the holidays. So many of us rely on great holiday seasons to keep our businesses running during the slower months leading up to Spring. 

I have been lucky enough to meet so many talented business owners here in Philly and I wanted to feature a few of them, and link directly to their instagrams so you can find them easily! Each business and independently owned, and most are female owned!

Clothing- I am always working on making my wardrobe more ethical and conscious. These brands are independently owned, mostly be women, who work hard to change the way the fashion industry works. 

@alicealexanderco- Inclusive fit, exceptional materials, uncompromising style. Clothing made ethically for women of all shapes and sizes


@damiano_collection- Artisan made silk loungewear and accessories


@lobomauclothing- Zero waste knitwear and original textiles ethically made in Philly


@andagainco-The worlds most sustainable, luxury fashion table specializing in denim


@arthuranddaughters- Made to measure, super chic clothing made in the USA


@grantblvd- Philly based sustainable fashion brand working to disrupt mass incarceration


@palomawool- Barcelona based clothing brand focusing on fashion forward styles


@meaghan_paige- handmade clothing and accessories- we love her comfy sets!


@riverside_toolanddye- High quality tie dye clothing that you can wear for any occasion. Made in Philly


@ardoractive- Leotards and swimwear prioritizing high quality and ethical production. Designed and made in Philly


@waywardcollection- Curated vintage wardrobe with a mix of feminine and masculine silhouettes


@lykkewullf- Small run sustainable and ethically made closing paving the way with trendy sets and beautiful denim.




Accessories- We might be the company you think of when you think accessories, but these brands are so different than Tesoro and we think you should know more about them!

@mindaliving- An impact transparent shop featuring sustainable home decor and apparel. Many products are made in India


@thesepinklips- Uplifting and inspiring for women to be sexy, strong, beautiful and comfortable with her femininity and power!


@roomshop- On trend vintage and accessories. You might know of them because of their oversized cloud scrunchies!


Shoes- Shoes are one of the most wasteful and least sustainable fashion products out there, so its key that you try to buy shoes from brands who care about ethical production and sustainable practices. 

@sylvennewyork- Old school Italian craftsmanship meets new school sustainable innovation. Stylish and comfortable with many styles we love!


@llani.shop- Female owned hand embellished shoes and accessories made by family owned factories in India


@busstopboutique- London born Philly Based shoe designer also selling independently owned shoe companies. Philly based retails hop


@bh.and.br- Womens motorcycle boots and leather goods. I wear these even though I don’t own a motorcycle. They are comfortable and super stylish.


@sevillasmith- Hand crafted and lasted soft built shoes


@zouxoushoes- Shoes designed for women who dress themselves, ethically made in Buenos Aires


@lovejulesleathr- Vancouver based shoe and accessories company specializing in incredible boots, handmade by a couple.



Jewlery- The perfect gifts for your bestie or your mom, these brands are all ethically made in the PA area, and offer a variety of price points and products!

@stonecooper- Adornment for the old souls and the young at heart handmade by our friend Kat in Philadelphia


@by.ren- Female owned Minimal design, playful intentions handmade in Philadelphia


@forgeandfinish- Female owned modern metal jewelry handmade by three best friends


@nuance__jewelry- Female owned, Philly based jewelry brand made in the Usa


@lpriorijewelry- Female owned Custom fine jewelry company


@xeniastudio_ -  Female owned Handmade clay Jewlery, based in Philly.


@isabelleeckerjewelry- Female owned beautiful and interesting fine jewelry made in PA


@maejeanvintage- Female owned vintage and estate jewelry company specializing in stunning vintage rings


@William.w.thompson.56- My uncle and a talented potter and Jewler specializing in custom sterling and semi precious stones. Check out his website!



Pottery- You can never go wrong with local pottery, and Philly has many amazing and unique potters. I personally own pieces from each of these brands. 

@cloud9clay- Female owned hand crafted ceramic wares based in Philly


@gabriellesilverlight- Female owned ceramics company based in Philly


@curiousclay- Female owned ceramics artist that started as a painter, based in Philly


@betterlovers- Handmade ceramics, plants and even a hoodie inspired by their pottery, made in Philly


@lollylollyceramics- Female owned, gorgeous ceramics based in Columbus Ohio


Home Decor- We are stuck at home and WINTER IS COMING, so it might be time to update some of your art or furniture to get you through the rest of this pandemic. These stores and brands are incredibly unique and fun to shop with. 

@Sagewoodworks- Female owned, 3D wood art inspired by topography


@helloyowie- Female owned design studio with a  retail shop specializing in amazing home decor


@Betsustudio- Vintage and modern design based in Philly. Her showroom is like walking into a furniture heaven.


@searchandrescuedrygoods- A lifestyle store featuring super interesting and beautiful home decor


@oldsouldecor- Soulful interiors pushing the boundaries between life and art.


@zoetbathlatier- Artisan Candles and Luxe Apothecary handmade on the Mainline


@dilo_home- Hand poured candles made in Philly


@ovuud- Bespoke lighting handmade in Philly


@atwaterdesigns- Botanical art for a peaceful home


Skincare- Has anyone else been working on your skincare routine since quarantine began? I have and I these stores have helped me understand more about ethical and independently owned skin care brands!

@freedom.apothecary- women founded beauty and wellness store with a focus on community


@theindieshelfphilly- Female owned skin care boutique featuring small indie skincare brands


@marshandmane- A better beauty experience featuring small skincare businesses


Retail Shops we love- If you need to shop in person, try one of these shops who are female owned, and feature small brands! 

@Senojclothing- Curated mix of contemporary apparel for the effortlessly chic


@shopkinboutique- Inclusively sized, contemporary clothing and wardrobe services for the modern womxn


@curveconscious- Philly plus size resale store


@harrietts_bookshop- Indie bookshop celebrating women authors, women artists, and women activists


@themerrygoldshop- A whimsical gift shop with impressive window displays


@localphl- Philly boutique exclusively selling locally sourced goods


@shopmoonandarrow- Linking outdoors to in, primitive to modern and small artisans to a diverse urban community


@givenscircle- Amazing beach shop featuring contemporary and small brands


@cuttalossa.co-  A collective featuring an assortment of mostly Philly owned brands. Home decor, clothing, textiles and plants.                                                                                       



Gifts that are activities- Treat yo'self or a loved one to an experience rather than a material product. We all need a little extra human contact, and these female owned local companies/women are the exact kind of people that need a little extra support this holiday season because their industries have changed so drastically!

@skinhousefacialbar- Grab yourself a facial at this locally owned facial bar. It is well priced, female owned and located in a beautiful storefront.


@Daniellemercurio - Treat yo’ self to an astrology session, or join in one of her many workshops to realign yourself for 2021!


@onlo_beauty- Have a big event coming up? Onlo is owned by a progressive and passionate women who will make you feel beautiful for your next big event!


@susanpadron_stylist- Want a wardrobe refresh? Schedule a styling session with Susan, who is compassionate and intuitive


@payalmua- Payal is such a talented individual. She is a skilled makeup artist, mental health advocate and a Reiki healer! Check out her virtual reiki sessions.


@loopyarn- head over to loop and yarn to learn to knit and get yourself a new hobby for these cold winter months



Mens shopping- For the men in your life, grab products from local boutiques instead of amazon. 

@psqsshop- A place of premium quality products with a focus on community. The shop itself is gorgeous, and has amazing large and small brands for men


@stateandunion- Mens shop located in Kennett square wit a variety of brands


@americantrench- Features knit socks, hats, and clothing made in the USA


@gritwell- Incredible mens leather goods, hand tailored upholstery with a retail store In McVeytown, PA.


Charities we love- Not sure what to get for a loved one this year? Donating in someones name is a great way to give a gift to someone that has it all. 

@indigenouspeoplesmovement- A global coalition bringing awareness of issues affecting Indigenous people from North & South America, Oceania, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean


@iiycfamily- Organizing youth through education, spiritual practices and civic engagement


@phillybailout- They are dedicated to ending cash bail and freeing those who are incarcerated because they can’t afford it.


@everymothercounts- Every Mother Counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. We donate 5% of all of our Mom products sales to Every Mother Counts!


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