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Well, this was a fun weekend...

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Enjoying ourselves at a concert this past Saturday night, at the Fillmore in Philly, it was brought to Brit and my attention that we were trending on Facebook. 
Part of the above sentence is horrifyingly untrue. 
Yes, we were at a concert at the Fillmore, but we were not trending on any form of social media. Although, my phone was inundated with text messages and Facebook notifications around 8:45pm.
Knowing that in Sundays paper The Daily Local News was going to run a story on the inception of Tesoro Design, Brit and I were pleasantly surprised to see that the article was posted to their website Saturday night. Apparently, our family and friends saw it before we did. Hence the Facebook craziness and notification mayhem.
Once Brit and I realized the story had posted, the concert was drowned out by our internal excitement. Sorry Father John Misty.
This is the first big feature that we have nabbed since launching Tesoro. Sharing our story with our community, and in a paper that I have grown up with, meant so much. I think it is safe to say that between Brit and me, we bought close to ten copies of the paper. 
A need to celebrate was the mood throughout the remainder of the weekend, especially on Sunday. 
Sunday was filled with constant messages of congratulations, cake, and a very excited teary-eyed Mom-mom who surprised us all by breaking out into a run for the first time in about forty years after seeing the article in the paper. This Mom-mom I am referring to is my Grandmother, and yes, she was excited.  
As usual, we cannot thank all of our family and friends enough for your support and encouragement. We could not continue to live our dream if it weren't for you.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have some articles that need framing ;) 
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