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Finding Sanity

June 14, 2018
The Summer of change.  Hey, again guys. So as you guys know, so much has changed in the past few months, and I am here to tell you that there is more change to come.  Over the past couple weeks, I ...
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Gallery Walk and Open House this Weekend!!

May 05, 2016
We are so excited for this weekend! We are spending First Friday at Old Soul Decor with the stores beautiful owner Krystal. We will be featured alongside Ted Walsh as artists on the West Chester An...
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Wyebrook Music Festival

May 03, 2016
The Spring/ Summer 2016 line came out one week ago. Emily and I were done a little earlier than expected, so we launched the site early. (Not before a celebratory dinner and a couple drinks fro...
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Front Page News. Thank You Daily Local!

April 25, 2016
Well, this was a fun weekend...   Enjoying ourselves at a concert this past Saturday night, at the Fillmore in Philly, it was brought to Brit and my attention that we were trending on Facebook. ...
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We're On Pinterest!

March 31, 2016
Did you know that almost all photos on this site are pinnable? Well, now you do know, so please, get pinning.  Yes, Tesoro is now on Pinterest. With boards like Interior World, Turquoise, and #W...
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