Behind The Scenes: The Process

Behind The Scenes: The Process

If you follow us on Instagram (@tesoroleather), you noticed our dedication to bringing you behind the scenes snapshots of Brit's process this past week. With our S/S 2017 launch just around the corner, we wanted you to see a little more of what Tesoro looks like in the weeks leading up to a launch. 

Scroll through to get an idea of what it takes to create a Tesoro handbag, and check back next week for a behind the scenes look at my day-to-day adventures at Tesoro. 


CAUTION: Do not attempt to build your own Tesoro bag, it's harder than it looks and we'll be mad. 


1. After each bag design is turned into a pattern, Brit hand cuts each style in its appropriate leather. 

2. The snap setter sets snaps (who knew?!) into the bags while a hammer is used to secure rivets and d-rings. This is Brit's next step after cutting the leather. Although I work two rooms away from Brit's workroom, I have jumped out of my chair on several occasions from the blast of her hammer.

3. Next, lining and zippers are set. Awful is the only word to describe the smell of the glue used in this step. If only Elmer's was strong enough for things besides grade school arts and crafts. 

Because our bags are lined in leather, if something spills inside or your lipstick cap falls off just wipe the bag down and it's as good as new. 

4. Finally, the sewing happens. Brit uses a Juke that she bought over three years ago and it is clear that the two of them have bonded. I mean, it's obvious from the photos how happy the Juke makes her, look at that smile. 

Making the bags is a very stressful slightly mind-numbing (from the glue) process that can take months to complete. For the coming collection Brit made around 80 of the bags herself. And if you're wondering, yes, that is a lot of bags for one person to make. 

Luckily, we have friends (both human and non) who pop in for a visit and offer words of encouragement. It is always appreciated. 

 Photos by Arantxa Mosqueda.

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