Breaking Down Tesoro's Mission Statement: Conquering the world

Breaking Down Tesoro's Mission Statement: Conquering the world

What is perhaps the most lighthearted section of our mission statement is our claim to conquer the world.

Our goal isn't to take over the Iron Throne, but to spread our message, that Made in America can be fashionable, all across the planet. 

As much as Brit and I work to get the word out ourselves, we really would not have grown as much as we have, over these past two years, if it weren't for our #TesoroTribe. If you are unfamiliar with our tribe of loyal bagaholics, it is simple for you to join. The only requirement is that you proudly wear your Tesoro handbag in public. We also love seeing our bags out in the wild, so sending us photos of you wearing them makes us two very happy business owners. 

 As Brit and I celebrate the second anniversary of Tesoro Design, we want to say thank you #TesoroTribe. Your loyalty, bringing us coffee on particularly rough days, and reminding us why we do this in the first place means a great deal to us. 

Keep making us proud, and remember that a Tesoro bag is a purchase you can feel good about and one that looks good on you. 



Some members of our #TesoroTribe pictured above are:

Tara Giorgio, founder & owner of The Brow Bar

Jillian Termine

Becca Rettenberger

Alli VanKleeck, founder & owner of Chiix & Co.

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