Frances' Deli, The Destination Not the Journey

As I said in my recap of our Chicago trip, it was imperative I do a review on one meal in particular. Brunch at Frances' Deli most definitely deserves a moment in the gleek spotlight. The first non-local restaurant to be reviewed on gleek, they should know what an honor this is. Since all five of our readers will see this, maybe gleek can get a plaque or something hung on your wall Frances? No? Yeah, I didn't think that would happen just yet. That's ok, we'll still give you the review you deserve.

Not wanting breakfast but still starving for something good, I was feeling particularly thankful for the meal that is brunch as we walked into Frances' Deli. My appreciation for the impending feast got me thinking. Brunch has got to be what Miley Cyrus was signing about in her hit song "Best of Both Worlds." Forget Hannah Montana! It was all code to let people know the unlimited options (breakfast and lunch foods at once) of eating brunch. Had people caught on to the true meaning, there would have been brunch mayhem. Imagine (or don't, nightmares may occur), if so many people suddenly began brunching that there was a shortage of bacon or champagne. This would not have helped the world work its way towards global peace. Let us collectively take a sigh of relief for avoiding such a catastrophic disaster.

Making my way back to reality (it was a really long walk and grossly hot out. I hadn't eaten. Was still drunk from previous day. Explains above paragraph), I realized we were seated and it was time to pour myself over the never-ending menu. What is it with Chicago? All of their menus are  so jam packed with endless food options, even I, a seasoned eater, felt overwhelmed. Knowing I did not want breakfast food, I was directed to the sandwich section thanks to the table of contents on page eighteen (just kidding, I found the sandwiches myself). 

So basically, Frances' Deli is club heaven. Calm down neon wearing, techno loving, molly swallowing party people. I don't mean that kind of club. I'm talking turkey and avocado club, chicken avocado club, or the wild avocado burger club. You even have the option of getting your club on challah bread, but not the burger club (get that on a pretzel roll!). Seriously though, who cares about the bread (I still do) when all that avocado is staring you in the face.

After all this buildup you may be surprised to find out that I did not get a club. Wasn't in the mood for bacon or avocado. Sorry, I know that's a horrible terrible awful thing to say but I was feeling adventurous. Brit ordered a club though and its beauty was really unparalleled. As you can see from the below photos, her club got its own photo shoot. Basically the Gigi Hadid of sandwiches. And yes, she (Brit, not Gigi) claims it tasted as wonderful as it appeared. 

Please do not think that just because Brit's meal got all the attention mine was any less important. Truthfully, I didn't take a photo of my sandwich for two reason. 1.) I was really hungry and just wanted to eat it. 2.) I didn't actually think I was going to do a review of this place. Every time I dine out I have the intention of writing a review, but more often than not I find myself putting the final bite into my teeth filled mouth realizing the meal is over. Too late. Better luck next time. But yay for proving myself wrong and actually doing what I say I'm going to do. Progress! 

For real though, let's focus on what I ordered. My poor Reuben, it would be nice to give it a paragraph or two. And yes, I ordered a Reuben (my favorite type of sandwich should anyone feel the need to buy or make me one. I'm here all day folks and I've already eaten all my snacks. It's noon). Ordered on rye because it's a Reuben, duh, it was dripping with 1000 island, coleslaw and piled to the skies with "real roast turkey" (it actually is real. Not lunchmeat). Oh, and Swiss cheese (just Googled if the Swiss in Swiss cheese is capitalized by the way. It is). Very yummy and not overwhelming, which is very important, I am not going to sit here and bore you with a long list of adjectives describing my experience. All you have to know is that it was a well made quality Reuben and if you are ever in Chicago, make sure you go to Frances' and order it. The turkey was a nice change from the corned beef although, I don't think I'd make the switch permanent. After drinking and eating plates of cheetohs the previous day, turkey seemed more sensible than corned beef, although who am I kidding, the sandwich was covered in cheese and dressing. And about the french fries, Brit and I ate all of them and ordered more at a rooftop bar later that same day. 

Lincoln Park's oldest deli, Frances' was established in 1938 and has been going strong since. They serve breakfast all day, are open seven days a week and serve things like spiked milkshakes. For those that are still skeptical (the problem lies with you clearly), let me also mention the weekend build your own Bloody Mary bar and one dollar beer backs. Finally, this place is affordable! After leaving Frances' the only thing you should feel is joyously full. Completely guilt-free. Now name one thing about this place that makes you not want to hop on a plane or drive thirteen hours to Chicago. What? I can't hear you. Oh, right, NOTHING.  

Overall rating: full lip nudity


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