Chicago & All That Jazz

It happened. The Midwest and I officially met. 

Back in the day (when I was about 13), I fell in love with the film Chicago. Velma Kelly was me and I was Velma Kelly. Although, for Halloween that year, I went as Roxie Hart, go figure. Anyway, I needed to set foot in Chicago. Seeing Velma and Roxie tap, shoot and lie their way through the city all while wearing sequins, velvet and fur was just too much to handle.  

As the years passed, I found even more reasons to venture to the Windy City. Deep dish pizza was by far the most important. As a professional third wheel to Brit and her boyfriend Mike, I was given the opportunity to make a dream come true this past weekend. Mike, having family in Chicago, was going out to pay them a visit with Brit. Naturally, I went along with them. Makes sense, right?

Friday morning at approximately 7:30am, I exited my apartment to find Mike dressed in a camo t-shirt and American flag hat. Missing the memo, I had on white skinny jeans and a loose white embroidered tunic. A little more Hamptons than Chicago. This would not be a setback. 

Before leaving West Chester, we made a very necessary stop at Wawa for sustenance. Without Wawa we would surely have perished within the first hour of our road trip. At least I know I could not have gone another 10 minutes without a fluffy chocolate chip muffin from the best gas station in the world. And everyone from Jersey through Delaware knows, a road trip isn't a road trip until you pull out of the Wawa parking lot. That's just the way it is.

There really is very little to say about the actual 13-hour drive to Chicago. The three of us took turns DJing, Brit and I read, I napped for a full 20 minutes and for a hot 30 seconds we joined a military convoy. And incase you did not know, Indiana is home to the RV hall of fame. Very little excitement...except for the Ohio rest stops.

Assuming you have never driven through Ohio (shame on you), allow me to enlighten you. All of their rest stops have a Panera Bread. For obvious reasons, Brit and I were ecstatic about this. If you don't get excited about seeing a Panera Bread Co you are either dead or new to this world. When Panera is the only thing you see for miles on end, it becomes a symbol of life itself. A freshwater lagoon in the middle of a concrete desert. 

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