Paging Kelly Kapowski

Paging Kelly Kapowski

Every morning before leaving my warm home to get the bus for school, I would sit on the couch eating my Reece's Puffs cereal and stare blindly atSaved By The Bell. Was I a Kelly (not really), a Jessie (not after those caffeine pills), a Lisa (she loved clothes, so, yes)? It didn't really matter. All I knew was I wanted the confidence to wear those clothes. High-waisted shorts, side ponytails, crop tops, and all of it in various degrees of neon. Being born right before the show ended and having to wear a uniform everyday, I had very little working in my favor. Lucky for me, weekends could be dedicated to stirrup pants and white Keds.  

Earlier this summer, Brit stumbled upon what may be one of the top second hand finds of her life. A 90s Calvin Klein high-cut low-backed swimsuit/bodysuit. Insanely jealous, I congratulated her and swore I would find something just as awesome. And I did. 

My LA Lakers bathing/bodysuit was what I've always wanted, yet had no idea until I saw it. Not a secondhand purchase, I am sorry to say, I found the gem at Forever21. I simply could not resist. Slipping into the purple and gold spandex, I was propelled back to the 90s. Only this time instead of diapers, I would wear the clothes of Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa. 

It was a no-brainer that we would do a shoot with our 90s inspired suits. With high-waisted shorts, sneakers and a baseball cap (in cheetah of course) I have to say, there was a point when I though Mr. Belding was just around the corner. 



Em: Lakers bathing suit-Forever 21, shorts-, sneakers-Puma, baseball cap-Old Navy

Brit: bathing suit- Calvin Klein, 

Photos: Pam Thompson-Reed

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