White Washed

White Washed

Entering this last month of summer I am equal parts terrified and disappointed. Three months of warm weather simply is not enough. While the scents of fall and the changing of the leaves warms my heart, the feeling of slipping on a pair of denim shorts and sandals cannot be topped. Plus, why did this summer feel the need to speed by like Seabiscuit? Going into denial. Don't be surprised if you see me walking around town this winter in a slip dress and lace up flats, while everyone else is bundled up eskimo style. 

With the cold weather seasons approaching, Brit and I needed to show you our breezy summer white looks. Guaranteed we will do a winter white post at some point, but summer whites are different. The fabrics are airy and flowy. So flowy that with every breeze you look like a sail boat blazing across the sea towards Cuba, the new world. 

It may be August first, which is the beginning of the end, but try not to think of it that way. Now quick, wear all your favorite summer looks at once!


Brit: vintage jumpsuit-no name, leather clutch-Tesoro Design, shoes-H&M

Em: top-vintage, jeans-Isaac Mizrahi, wedges-Aldo, leather bag-Tesoro Design

Photos: Pam Thompson-Reed

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