The Rest of the Cow: Roots Cafe

The Rest of the Cow: Roots Cafe

In need of an exceptionally delicious meal during a not so exceptional week, it seemed like the perfect excuse to eat the third installment of 'The Rest of the Cow.' This time, our restaurant of choice was Roots Cafe, a personal favorite of mine and Brit's, in downtown West Chester. 

Local, organic and sustainable are the words that best sum up the menu at Roots. But please, don't be fooled. While healthy and extremely fresh, any meal you are served at Roots is light-years away from the boring lifeless slop often served at other health conscious restaurants. Every dish begs for its moment on Instagram and promises to up your brunch game by an insurmountable amount of likes and envy. Roots is actually my number one spot for brunch, and the place I recommend any out of towner go when visiting. In fact, I eat brunch at Roots so often that I forgot they also serve lunch and dinner!

As you know by now our restaurant reviews strictly focus on burgers and fries at restaurants that serve organic and sustainable meat. To be honest I have to say that out of all the other reviews we have done so far, the burger at Roots is hands down my favorite. Perhaps their hidden talent is that they mix bacon into the lean beef patty making it utterly mouthwatering. The melted cheddar, pickles, shaved red onion, spring mix and Dijonaise definitely add to the Roots burger's decadence. And if you think your taste buds can handle it, all of the above-mentioned goodness is stacked between a buttery brioche bun. There is also tomato on the burger, but since I loathe tomatoes, I did not partake of this ingredient. 

The potatoes. Oh, those potatoes! Cube cut and expertly seasoned, the Roots potatoes can be added as the perfect side dish to any meal. For a diehard brunch lover, the fact that Roots serves these same potatoes for breakfast and lunch makes for an easy transition between meals. Never too crispy, you won't even be sad that they aren't in french fry form. Also, you won't feel at all guilty eating this side dish of carbs. You see, you can convince yourself that because the potatoes are cut into cubes, they are healthier than french fries. Or is just me who thinks that way? 


Lastly, I must touch on the overall aesthetic Roots provides. They know that taking pictures of your meal is a favorite pastime of many. Meals are served on dark wooden cutting boards while cold drinks are served in culturally acceptable mason jars. When sitting inside (there is also an outdoor patio for dining), diners are surrounded by brightly colored walls covered in art by local artists. All pieces of art are available for purchase so you can eat and shop at the same time. Pretty ideal, no? 

Yeah, we liked our meal.

Well done as always Roots! 


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