The Interview: Jacklyn Dunn of Three Sisters One Closet

The Interview: Jacklyn Dunn of Three Sisters One Closet

 Sitting in a brightly lit gelato shop, a puddle of condensation slowly formed under my beverage as my phone buzzed to life. "Looking for parking!" read the text. "Not a problem!" I shot back taking a sip of my iced coffee as the caffeine gradually brought me back to life. 

Pretending to look busy, I read over the questions I had prepared for the day's interview. This wasn't the first time I would be meeting Jacklyn Dunn, founder and editor-in-chief of the blog Three Sisters One Closet (TSOC). Brit and I have been working with Jacklyn for the past few months and have even created a bag together appropriately named, "The Jacklyn." While the majority of previous meetings had been to discuss design details, I was eager to learn more about Jacklyn on a personal level.  

With her wedding just one month away amidst splitting her time between a full-time job and her blog, I'm not entirely sure how she finds time to sleep let alone sit for an interview. Although, even with so much going on Jacklyn was accommodating and completely invested in my questions. Learning about how Three Sisters One Closet came to be and her philosophy on how she presents herself to 14K plus followers was refreshing. In a sea of blatant clickbait and editing, the images presented on TSOC are authentically Jacklyn. 

Emily Pisano (EP): How long have you been blogging?

Jacklyn Dunn (JD): I started blogging two-and-a-half years ago.

EP: TSOC is not your full-time job correct?

JD: No, but it feels like it is! You could technically say I have two full-time jobs. 

EP: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of blogging? 

JD: I'll start with my least favorite part. Actually blogging, sitting down to write is the most challenging. Boiling down the content into a single post isn't something that always comes easily to me. Instead of sitting at my computer typing, I would much rather be connecting with people, brands, and events. I love that social aspect of the blog and I could do that all day every day. 

My favorite part of blogging is that it has helped fulfill the inner creative beast that has always been there and has been buried over the years. Launching TSOC has really helped me rediscover my creativity. It's funny because I didn't even know that was something missing from my life, but when I started blogging I realized how much I needed a creative outlet. Jeff (Jacklyn's fiancé) has been so supportive and unbelievably encouraging. He's been there since before TSOC and he helps me a ton with the behind the scenes aspect. The blog has actually been really great for our relationship. 


EP: As an influencer, what bloggers inspire you?

JD: I would say Something Navy. Arielle is authentically herself and completely unapologetic when it comes to her feed. I really admire that her feed isn't pre-fabricated, it is what it is. She doesn't get caught up in all the lighting and editing. Her blog is relatable and that live in the moment mentality is something I hope to communicate through my blog and feed. 

EP: What is your dream collaboration?

JD: [Laughs] that's a really loaded question for a blogger! I would say any top shoe designer. A brand like Jimmy Choo.

EP: I too am shoe obsessed. Now, a little less about the blog for a moment. For those out there, like me, who date everyone and are still single, how did you and your fiancé (Jeff) meet?

JD: We actually met in Sea Isle City at a bar called Shenanigans. We had tons of friends in common, but we had never met. We are also both from neighboring towns. It kind of just happened and was very unexpected. We were both down the shore and single at the same time and just happened to finally meet. 

EP: Who makes up TSOC's current team?

JD: Mostly just me. Jeff helps with analytics and website building which is a huge help. For photography I work with Grace + Ardor. 

EP: What about hair and makeup? 

JD: Typically, I do my own hair and makeup. Sometimes, for a special event, I'll have it professionally done, but I don't have a specific person I work with for either. 

EP: Who are your favorite designers right now?

JD: Victoria Beckham, I love her personal style and was so excited for her Target line to debut. Once I saw the line in person though, I was surprised. To me, the Target line didn't reflect her personal style. It's definitely not what I had imagined from her.  I also love the brand Alexis, their Instagram is @shop_alexis. 

EP: Describe your style in three words.

JD: Chic and it's more than three words, but I like to go for things that not everyone would wear. I like my outfits to stand out. 

EP: Favorite stores to shop in?

JD: ASOS, an Australian company called Sabo Skirt and Nordstrom. 

EP: What has been your worst fashion faux pas?

JD: Later in high school, my friends and me thought it was a good idea to wear small kids t's from Michaels with matching bandannas, wide leg jeans and flip flops. Don't ask me for pictures. 

EP: [Laughs] I promise I won't. Do you have an item in your closet that has special meaning to you? It can be clothing, jewelry, handbag...

JD: My Céline bag was the first thing I bought after saving from the blog. It was my first big purchase that correlated to the success of TSOC. Jeff came with me to buy it and it was actually a really special day. 

EP: I love that! It's what we used to refer to in college as your first big girl purchase. Do you have any beauty products you cannot live without? 

JD: I'm not into hardcore beauty regimens. Recently, I've discovered eyelash extensions and I love them. Other than that, I guess I would say a good lip balm. 

EP: Good lip balm is a definite necessity! Now time for the flash round. You just have to choose which you like best out of the two options I give you. Vodka or Tequila?

JD: Tequila, but never straight. 

EP: Iced or hot coffee?

JD: Hot.

EP: Flats or heels?

JD: Heels! Always.

EP: Sweet or salty?

JD: Sweet.

EP: Pants or a dress?

JD: Pants.

EP: All great answers! Love that you said pants actually. Ok, last thing before we wrap up. I thought it might be a fun way to end the interview by spilling what's in your bag. It's a fun way for readers to see what products you use on a daily basis and a little peak into your everyday life. 

JD: Sounds good to me! Everything is black, of course and I have three pairs of sunglasses haha. Oh, and a Dove chocolate bar which is always a must. 

EP: Couldn't agree more. 


Spill It! : Jaclyn Dunn/TSOC edition



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