The Rest of the Cow: Split Rail Tavern

The Rest of the Cow: Split Rail Tavern

A burger is just a burger, right? 

Well, we believe the answer to that question is no, which is why Brit and I have decided to selflessly eat one burger per month then right a review on it in a little segment I like to call, "The Rest of the Cow."

Also, it is important to add that the burger we choose must be grass-fed and locally sourced.

Last month, for the first installment, we had a fabulous meal at Shake Shack in King of Prussia.  Although milkshakes were not involved in this month's restaurant of choice, tequila and vodka sodas were. Our destination was Split Rail Tavern in downtown West Chester, PA, conveniently just a block and a half from our office. 

Yes, our meal was delicious and I will tell you about it in a second, but the best part was that it was completely unplanned. Very unlike us, we ventured to Split Rail that Friday night to celebrate our friend Andrea's birthday and not at all in search of our next meal. It wasn't until our eyes began desperately seeking out a menu after finishing our first drinks, that ordering food even crossed our minds. 


 Both Brit and I have eaten at Split Rail many times. Their falafel wrap is typically my go-to, but given we were there on St. Patrick's Day (my second least favorite holiday) I decided to switch it up a little. I highly recommend the falafel should you ever find yourself at Split Rail while feeling particularly indecisive.  

 Everything on their menu is delicious, but this post is about the burger (and fries) so let's focus on that. 

Split Rail understands the power of the burger and has given it a special section on its menu emphasized with stars next to the very grand title, "Split Rail Commonwealth Burger." 

What does such a regal burger hold between its two buns? Let me tell you.

"6 oz of Dutch Meadow Farms 100% Organic Grass-Fed beef accompanied by a Russian dressing, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, choice of sharp cheddar, american or swiss, a spicy pickle, and house-cut french fries, served on a Big Marty's sesame seed bun."   

For those of you out there who never order anything without politely asking to change or substitute a few ingredients, you will love this burger (unless you're a vegetarian, than nvm). The Russian dressing is served on the side so you can use it for your fries and control the amount that goes onto your burger. Also a huge plus, the tomato was very easy to pluck out. A truly beautiful thing since I strongly dislike tomatoes and forgot to request my burger be made without one. 

Juicy and fresh, the Split Rail burger is a gem, but alas, it was not the star of my plate that night. The MVP of my meal was 100% the house-cut french fries. A sucker for fried potatoes to begin with, I had to use a little self-control to not ask for a second helping.

Part of the reason the fries were on another level that night was because we got a tip on a secret Split Rail dipping sauce from an inside source. Birthday girl, Andrea is a regular at Split Rail and knows the menu so well they should just put her on the payroll already. To help you understand the power of this condiment, I'll tell you that before trying it the three most powerful words you'll ever hear are, "I love you." After trying the sauce the three most powerful and meaningful words in your vocabulary will be, "garlic basil aioli." Trust me. 

The massacre above is the aftermath of our meal. Luckily, the only true tragedy was that we had to pay the bill. 

Thank you Split Rail for another glorious meal! 

Stay tuned to see where we will decide to dine in April. 

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  • What a lovely post! Thank you so much for your continued support! Split Rail ❤️‘S Tesoro!


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