Fresh rolled sushi, spicy steaming stir-fry, energy stimulating La Colombe coffee...and this is only their cafeteria. 

URBN, headquarters of Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologiewas home to Tesoro Design last Thursday. Well, us and about eleven other local vendors. 

You see, about once a month, URBN brings local artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses onto their Navy Yard campus in Philadelphia, PA. Lucky for us, we were one of the chosen vendors for September. From 10am to 4pm we were set up in their cafeteria (building 543) and open for business. All day long, URBN employees could take a break, stretch their legs and shop. How has this not been implemented into every work environment?


The employees of URBN (mostly women in their 20s who made me want every piece of clothing they had on), well, were they receptive to Tesoro? Let's just say there are now many credit card holders, chokers, bracelets, keychains, and wristlets nestled on desks throughout URBN HQ. Yes, the day was a success. 

It's safe to say Brit and I are eager to take Tesoro back for another spin in the Instagram worthy palace that is URBN. We'll see you in 2017! 





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