Backroom Talk: Episode I

So much learning is happening right now. To the point where my brain hurts.
Taxes are the main cause of my brain pain. Luckily, the only taxes I file for Tesoro are PA sales tax and something called a business privilege tax. Let me tell you, filing this thing is anything but a privilege.
“Why in the world is this person in charge of accounting for a company?” is a question you may be asking yourself. Yes, I did take an accounting class in college. Ironically, the class was completely in French (a language I am far from fluent in), and all I learned was that there is such a thing as accounts receivable. Didn’t learn what it meant, just that it existed.
So to answer your question, I am qualified for this job. Teaching myself and asking for help are two of my best qualities.
 Rest assured, by the time this whole tax season fiasco is over, I will have learned more than I ever cared to about the PA tax system.
Of course, being a chronic perfectionist, I now feel the need to learn everything ever made known to mankind about accounting. You think I am joking. Why stop with taxes? I plan on going all the way.
Only realizing this past week how little I actually know about the world of accounting, I hopped onto my local library’s website and put Accounting for Dummies on hold. So if you are looking for me this weekend, I will be in a cozy corner or sprawled upon a chaise with my book pressed against my face. Things are going to get wild.
FYI, this post is not me complaining. Times I must step it up, learn something new, and sift through the cobwebs are my favorite sort of times. They are satisfyingly rewarding. Unless of course I do everything wrong and end up in jail (I do love the color orange), but I’m not counting on that happening. Fingers crossed.
Getting down and dirty with the littlest of details is some of the best adrenaline. Finally understanding how to read the profit and loss report is what excites me these days. Although, not quite as good as finding a pair of vintage red leather shoes in a size 6 at Goodwill, it will do for a Monday.
As Tesoro progresses, I am understanding more and more of what needs to be done in the backroom. SEO is an ongoing process for me as is dissecting Google Analytics into something that a human without a neuroscience PHD can comprehend.
Believe me, no one can possibly be more surprised at my current job description than me. I always wanted to be a CEO, but the math part was slightly crippling. You know that kid that writes notes to the teacher on their math tests and homework? Notes like, “I tried but I just can’t figure it out.” Yeah, that was me.
Former math teachers have taken pity on me, laughed at me, and just simply shook their heads. But I don’t really care. Math sucked and I hated it. I, however did have a soft spot for pre-calc and got the highest score out of my class on the final, thank you very much.
What I’m doing now isn’t math class. It’s make it or break it real life. This stuff (running a company I care about…a lot), is extremely interesting and BONUS, I can instantly apply what I’m learning to life.
So I guess what I’m saying is, I never in a million years thought I would be able to do this, and here I am, doing it and liking it.
The backend of a company is excruciatingly boring to many. It’s not glamorous, I’m not creating beautiful things, but to some very special people, it’s pretty damn awesome.  
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