Made for you, By you!

Made for you, By you!


I cannot contain my excitement. After years of wanting to teach you amazing humans a little about leather work, I have finally found the time, help and location that I needed to make it work.

I have always really enjoyed learning, and teaching. From my youngest art classes to soccer camps and a gazillion other things, teaching has become something I really enjoy. Last summer I had the opportunity to have my first leather working intern, and after a summer of teaching her the basics, I was reminded how much inspiration I derive from it, and I am here to tell you that I will now be offering bimonthly classes at the shop.

For now, each class will be centered around teaching you to make one specific product. For just $75 you can come into the shop, snack, sip, socialize and take home something very special for yourself or someone you love! 

My first class is a closed VIP event for bloggers and artists in Philly, and I am treating this as a bit of a test run to see how this will work. My first event will be held soon after, and we will be making a super minimal wallet that would make the perfect gift for your man (or women) this Valentines Day. Because let's be real, we never know what to get for a dude for valentines day anyway. 

The second event in February will be a "stitch your own butt*. For this event, you will have to be comfortable sending me a photo of your bootie in a bikini or thong, which I will trace, and then print to scale for the leather and embroidery loop we will be using. 

The rest of the events will be listed soon, and I will have a cap of 7-10 people for each event depending on the difficulty. These events will fill up fast so grab your seat now! 

Click here to go to the "events" page!

I can't contain my excitement! :))))


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