Permanent Changes

Permanent Changes

Hey guys! 

Happy new year! I can't believe I haven't written on here since November. Lots has happened since then, and the Holidays were our best yet here at Tesoro. There are a couple quick things I would love to update you guys on with timelines and collection, and then I am going to tell you guys about some new product in the works. 

So, first, I wanted to take a second to explain the seasonal changes going on with our collection. The bags that came out in November (The Nora, The Chelsea, The Audrey, The Anne, and The Ellie) are now, and forever more, stapes in the Tesoro collection. Since 2015 when Tesoro became my full-time job I have been redesigning and remaking completely unique collections for each season. The artist side of me loved the creating, the fresh start, and the new materials every 4 months, but the human side of me became pretty overwhelmed by it all. It takes an incredible amount of time to design, pattern-make, and prototype each new style. So last Spring I decided that it was time for me to sit down and design bags that were truly timeless and that's what I spent most of last year doing. The new collection offers a range of styles, sizes, and colors, and I couldn't be happier about how these bags turned out. 

Because of the new styles being more permanent, I won't be coming out with all new leathers in the Spring. Instead, I will be expanding the Tesoro staple collection with my first vegan collection, and some of the smaller bags (The Audrey, The Ellie, and The Anne) in new leathers, as these bags, take less time and money to produce.

The vegan collection will offer a tough canvas as its main material, and I will be offering three styles in this collection to start with. There will be two tote bag sizes and a duffle bag that I am super excited about designing. I am planning to offer each size/style in 3 colors, just like the collection I released in November. (Although the colors will be a little different.) 

As for the smaller bag update, I will be bringing back a print you guys have loved from day one, the Ikat print, and will also be offering a couple lighter colors in the small bags. 

My plan is to release these bags in late March/early April, and I will be throwing a big party for the release. I hope these changes make sense to all of you lovely people, and I hope that you can understand why minimizing my workload is going to allow me to make a more consistent, better quality product. 

If you have any questions please reach out!

Thanks, and happy weekend, 

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