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Tesoro's Tongue — design

Come with us behind the scenes of Tesoro Design! Here, we document our experiences of running a handmade in America leather handbag company. Updated daily.

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Leather Bag

Not all leather is made the same. Whether this is a new or old fact to you, there are many things that go into producing leather goods, some of which are very easy to overlook. I have compiled a list of my top 5 things you should know before purchasing a leather bag, to help guide you during your next leather purchase.  1. Keep an eye out for leather with a cross-hatch finish. If you see a finish on the leather that resembles light scratching or cross-hatching, it is very likely that this leather is a bonded leather. Bonded leather is made up of the hide leftovers. This includes dust and shavings. These are bonded together using polyurethane or latex...
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Permanent Changes

Hey guys!  Happy new year! I can't believe I haven't written on here since November. Lots has happened since then, and the Holidays were our best yet here at Tesoro. There are a couple quick things I would love to update you guys on with timelines and collection, and then I am going to tell you guys about some new product in the works.  So, first, I wanted to take a second to explain the seasonal changes going on with our collection. The bags that came out in November (The Nora, The Chelsea, The Audrey, The Anne, and The Ellie) are now, and forever more, stapes in the Tesoro collection. Since 2015 when Tesoro became my full-time job I have been...
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Finding Sanity

The Summer of change.  Hey, again guys. So as you guys know, so much has changed in the past few months, and I am here to tell you that there is more change to come.  Over the past couple weeks, I have been asking you guys for your advice on updates to the bag designs, and this is because I am hoping to work with this great manufacturer I found in LA. I've been looking for help for a while, but it has been difficult to find manufacturers who don't have huge minimums. These minimums are often around 50 bags minimum per leather color so it can get really expensive really fast. I finally found one that has been super transparent...
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The #TesoroTribe Gift Guide

Hello beautiful! Christmas is only 14 days away, and Hanukkah starts tomorrow! Whatever you might be celebrating this season, we have the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. We just added a "Gifts Under $100" section to the site, and its chock-full of great gifts. Those items can all be embossed with initials or a cute but short quote to tell the ones you love why you love them.  Here at Tesoro, we also believe in supporting other makers. We have some gorgeous jewelry and useful clay pieces, all made in Philly, and all made by ladies. Those items are available in store, but if you like something you see we would be happy to take a phone order...
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Bag Features

Each Tesoro bag is multifunctional, and is designed to make your life easier. These might not be obvious to you immediately, so here are some images to make understanding these features easy and straight forward.  The Audrey- Envelope Wallet and Belt Bag The Aranxta- Mini Cross body bag The Brittany- Reversible Clutch   The Mini Shannon- Mini Reversible Bucket Bag The Miranda- Half Moon wristlet and cross body bag   The Chelsea- Cross body Bag The Emily- Envelope Cross body or Clutch  The Shannon- Large reversible bucket bag The MG- Leather Lined, zip closure purse  The Pamela- Large lightweight tote bag  The Brad- Unisex Satchel or back pack  The Damian- Large Weekender bag    
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