Finding Sanity

Finding Sanity

The Summer of change. 

Hey, again guys. So as you guys know, so much has changed in the past few months, and I am here to tell you that there is more change to come. 

Over the past couple weeks, I have been asking you guys for your advice on updates to the bag designs, and this is because I am hoping to work with this great manufacturer I found in LA. I've been looking for help for a while, but it has been difficult to find manufacturers who don't have huge minimums. These minimums are often around 50 bags minimum per leather color so it can get really expensive really fast. I finally found one that has been super transparent and straightforward, so I am working hard to move ahead with them. This will mean trying to raise a good amount of money, and also a business loan. (And before you ask, I will still be making half of the collection myself! The manufacturer will be taking over the more complicated bags.) 

One of the huge differences with using a manufacturer is that they make die cuts for bags. This means that every bag will cost me around $300-$400 to have stamps made, then a clicker machine will then be used to stamp them out. I currently hand cut every single bag, which is boarder line insane. That's why I want these bags to be the very best they can be because once the die cuts are made, I won't be making many changes to those bags over the next couple of years. (This makes me incredibly nervous). 

But the benefits far outway the concerns in this situation. Since the bags are basically stamped out with a giant cookie cutter, they will be super consistent in size and shape every single time. This will also allow me to use leathers that will stand up to the test of time, which will make each bag you buy more like an heirloom then just a stylish and functional bag. 

It will also free up some time for me to do other really important things to make the business grow, like work harder on marketing campaigns, and visit other stores to get Tesoro in more boutiques throughout the country. These things are vital to the companies growth, and have been on the back burner because I am always working to create more product for you awesome people :).  

I have officially sent them updated patterns, and the next step is for them to make one prototype of each bag to see what the costs will look like. When I have the prototypes I will be sure to do a post and a video on them so you guys can see them and tell me what you think! 

So, that's my big update for the week. If you guys have any questions about the manufacturing process or anything else you read on here, please comment below or reach out via social media! 

Thanks for tuning in!


PS- I will have a huge announcement on here early next week, so check back then! :) 

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  • It’s exciting to learn about the difficult and daring adventures it takes to follow your dream. I admire your hard work and willingness to seek advice and help from others while staying true to your own creativity. Onward and upward, Brit!

    Phyllis Reinhard

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