Tesoro X Chiix

Tesoro X Chiix

Collaboration Over Competition

If you are ever lucky enough to meet Ali Vankleek, you will immediately love her. She is kind, smart, and a total badass who loves riding motorcycles. Alli is also a huge advocate for supporting boss babes across the country which she does through her website www.chiixmakecoolshit.com. Alli and I have been friends since high school, and when I saw some of her graphic design work I was so impressed. We decided to work on a collaboration, with Alli designing and screen printing leather, while I would make the final product.


The print we landed on for Spring/Summer 2018 is a scarab beetle and moon phase print. As you know that Tesoro is going through some big changes and the scarab beetle is historically an animal associated with change. The moon phases also have a similar meaning, so it was the perfect fit. I suggested the scarab beetle and Alli added the moon phases, which couldn't be a more perfect imagery to pair with the beetles. 

Alli screen printed the leather on her garage floor over a few days, and as soon as it was delivered I fell in love. Since we only printed one hide, each of these bags is super unique and one of a kind! 

You can find the products for sale on both of our websites, as well as in Tesoro’s headquarters! Thanks so much for checking in! 


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