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Tesoro's Tongue — West Chester

Come with us behind the scenes of Tesoro Design! Here, we document our experiences of running a handmade in America leather handbag company. Updated daily.

Stronger Together

Damiano Collection x Llani x Tesoro There will always be moments and people in your life feed your soul, and remind you why you do what you do. As an entrepreneur, the more you can set yourself up for those moments and to be around those people, the better you will feel about today, and tomorrow. Last Saturday we had the privilege of having two talented and strong women in our shop to show some of our #tesorotribe the pieces they work so hard to produce. It was a day of talking shop, meeting new people, drinking Champagne and eating a lot of guac.   From left to right : Brit (Tesoro), Alex (Damiano Collection), Alana (Llani Shoes) It has always been...
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Moving On Up...To Ground Level

Well, we did it. Tesoro officially has its own store! So far we have been open for a total of 32 hours, also known as four days, and it has been extraordinary. The best part you ask? Personally speaking, having three large windows is priceless. For the past year-and-a-half I have been working from a basement office with zero windows, so our new space is a literal step-up in more ways than one.  This past Friday was our soft opening. Even with torrential downpours on and off throughout the night, we had a wonderful turnout. Friends, family and loyal customers sipped champagne and celebrated with us in our new home, 230 W Market Street in downtown West Chester, PA.  Please...
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Behind The Scenes: The Technical Side

The other week the Tesoro spotlight was on Brit and her bag-making process, which was a perfect lead-up to the launch of our most recent collection. Now, I'd like to shift gears a little and take you over to the other side, my side of Tesoro.  Vastly different from what Brit does, many consider my area of concentration to be the "not so fun side." I've seen it before at the different events we attend. Once I say I am not the one making the bags, eyes tend to glaze over and the disinterest is palpable. As you can imagine, I don't love when this happens.  Part of the problem is that people simply don't understand what I do on a...
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The Photo Shoot

This past Sunday, what could have turned into a bloodbath of cattiness ended as an inspiring and successful eleven hour photo shoot. Switching up our shooting process from previous collections, Brit and I worked with local women photographers and a videographer to capture our S/S 17 line. Typically, we shoot our collections outdoors and either end the day with frostbitten fingers or total dehydration depending on the season. Not wanting to repeat either of those situations, every photo was shot inside the well-heated Brow Bar this time around. Owner of The Brow Bar, Tara Giorgio, graciously opened the doors for us on her day off and even modeled in a few of our pictures. Tara has a very strong personal...
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Unwrap The Magic

There is so much (so much!) that goes into running a small business and it doesn't help that even the tiniest of details matters. From the footer on the last page of our website to the alignment of the text in this post, it's all important. Lucky for us, paying attention to those 'small parts' is second nature to Brit and me. As experienced shoppers that grew up with the rise of online shopping, we have seen the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to quality, customer service and everything in between. So naturally, when it came to our own company we had a few ideas in mind about what to do and (definitely) what not to do.  Like...
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