Behind The Scenes: The Technical Side

Behind The Scenes: The Technical Side

The other week the Tesoro spotlight was on Brit and her bag-making process, which was a perfect lead-up to the launch of our most recent collection. Now, I'd like to shift gears a little and take you over to the other side, my side of Tesoro. 

Vastly different from what Brit does, many consider my area of concentration to be the "not so fun side." I've seen it before at the different events we attend. Once I say I am not the one making the bags, eyes tend to glaze over and the disinterest is palpable. As you can imagine, I don't love when this happens. 

Part of the problem is that people simply don't understand what I do on a daily basis. They think the only job that needs to be done in a handbag company is to make the bags. Well, that is just not true.

When you aren't down in the trenches of running your own business, the startup life can be a hard thing to imagine. I really wanted to take the time on this snow day to share with you all that I do in my role as co-owner of Tesoro. It's my hope that people will realize the business side is just as cool as the creative. At the very least, it would be nice for people to stop saying things to me like "Is it really fair that you call yourself a co-owner when you don't actually make anything?" and "If Tesoro grows the way you want it to, do you think your role will still be relevant?" Ouch.  

Without fail, I begin every work day by responding to emails and looking at my calendar to see if Brit and I have any meetings. Then I check our bank account and update the budget to see what expenses still need to be paid for the month. These are about the only two tasks that are consistent for me. My to-do list is heavily impacted by the time of year and whether a collection is about to launch or just launched. 

Pre-collection, I can be found preparing descriptions for all the new products, planning the launch party which involves sending out invitations, securing a location, making sure there will be food and drink, double checking that there will be enough display materials (hooks, tables, shelves), and preparing the stores where our bags are sold for new inventory. Pre-collection also involves a lot of research. Finding stores in new areas and curating a list of influencers we want to contact is essential, so when the collection launches it's go-time.

Post-collection involves adding all the new products to my inventory system, getting the new collection to stores and working to make sure everyone has bags and is happy, contacting previously researched stores and influencers, researching and applying to shows for the summer, and planning how to sell the new collection and past collections (because backstock doesn't just disappear).

Weekly and seasonal tasks include paying sales tax, writing blog posts/creating content, sending out email campaigns, working with realtors to find a new space when our lease is up, and helping Brit research materials for upcoming collections.

At all times I need to be thinking in the present and future, brainstorming ways to keep money coming in and always increasing sales. I also work with advertisers so Tesoro can be featured in papers, magazines and blogs whenever possible and as long as they fit our brand. 

 My job is truly something I love and I'm not going to lie, it's awful when people question my relevance. By showing you what I do in the company, I hope it has become more apparent that I am an integral part of the Tesoro team.

Brit and I are co-owners for a reason. Without one of us there wouldn't be a Tesoro. 

 Photos by Arantxa Mosqueda 

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